Runners Sports Association Jawali

Welcome to Jawali Jodi Marathon

    Welcome to the first edition of the Jaoli Jodi Run . This run is entirely on the riverside and also at the edges  of a highland  town called Medha . Runners can fully  enjoy the nature in all its glory .  

      The running route  is between 'kas pathar' and the popular hilly 'Mahabaleshwar' . The route is quite flat with minimum elevation to climb.

      We flag off the race  early morning at 6.30 am from' Medha tahsildar karyalaya' ,and the race ends at the same point. At the finish, you get your Jaoli Jodi Run finishers medal ,T'shirt & breakfast.

Jawali Jodi Half Marathon


    Basic concept of Jawali Run is running together with your near and dear ones, enjoy the serenity of Mother Nature with ur life partner, your close friend or anyone you prefer. Enjoy the connection with nature with a healthy reason, run together and have a nice time! Running together is a perfect tonic to connect with each other , with a scenic route to give you company, and enjoy the ambience of the green hills and the electric climate of a group running event.

Route Description

      The run starts at 6:30 am at the junction of the Medha- kusumbi road. You will be greeted with a fresh and pollution free weather with a chill. The start is flat and straight.
       As you start, you will be  see the majestic backwaters of the kanher dam on your left side, and the hills of yeoteshwar in your front, covered with lush green vegetation. You will be accompanied by both of these, on the full length of the route.
       The route takes a sharp left after 1 km , as you continue towards kusumbi road. The route zig zags between the kanher dam backwaters on you